Steve Eyre

Hi, I am a Software Engineering Manager based in Chesterfield, England. I have been writing and developing software for the majority of my life, but have most frequently used the PHP language for the last 15 years - mostly specialising in Laminas (fka Zend) and Symfony, but have utilised lots of other MVC frameworks. I really enjoy designing and developing software and leading teams to build amazing products. I pride myself in my ability to 'translate' requirements to/from end users and development teams.

I studied Software Engineering for four years at the University of Sheffield and received a First grade Masters of Engineering Degree, with a strong focus on agile software development which I have been able to put into practice ever since.

I barely find the time anymore, but I have a keen interest in video games and following the latest within the video game industry. I'm obsessed with Nintendo and in particular The Legend of Zelda. I sunk far too many hours into Breath of the Wild and cannot wait for the sequel.